Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sufferings and Karma

Yesterday morning as I was driving along a cat suddenly shot out from the woods and into the path of my car. In an instant my rear wheel hit the cat. In my rear mirror I could see it jumping around on the road, obviously in pain. The poor thing ... what would I give to not have been on that road at that time, or for the cat to have sped out from the trees moments later than it did! How painful replaying the images of what happened throughout the day. The poor thing.

Today I wondered how it came to be that we both met in that point of time. What actions had we taken to lead us to that point ... what actions came to fruition at that point for both of us?

Split seconds either way, it wouldn't have happened. But it did, just as it did. My poor friend, why did I do that to you? I pray for your wellbeing and freedom from suffering. I'm so sorry for my part in your suffering :-)