Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Tomorrow is my father's funeral. He died just over two weeks ago.

I have nothing remotely profound to say on the subject. Time has flowed on ... and thoughts and feelings have come and gone. Things have been arranged, and challenges taken up.

So much seems to have happened, such an extraordinary mixture of rich experiences.

I reflect that when my mother died some 20 years ago, before I had the benefit of Dharma, I was utterly devastated, and it dominated the following years.

My father's death comes at a time when I have some support and perspective in Dharma ... what an extraordinary blessing that is. I am surely amidst waves, currents and ocean, and yet I can still see what is wave, what is current and what is ocean.

There is a continuity ... my dad is present now, profoundly so ..... I miss seeing him physically, but his presence is strong nevertheless.

An amazing man .... how blessed I have been to have him as a father ....

How can we ever repay the blessings we have been given?

May all beings experience a Precious Human Life, and realise its fulfillment, in complete and perfect Enlightenment.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


The limitless expanse of emptiness
Is luminous with all-pervading light,
In clear mind sky, free from complexities,
The rainbow of phenomena shines forth.

Where neither confusion nor freedom has ever existed,
The father and mother of all, Universal Goodness,
Dwell in the secret great bliss beyond thought
Yet reveal the miracles of love's unceasing play.

Whatever the eye sees is sacred vision,
Whatever the ear hears, the voice of truth,
Whatever thought arises in the mind,
Is own self-liberated self-awareness.

May all awaken to the great perfection!

(source unknown - where is this from?)