Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Inhabiting the 'world' of Vajrayana in my practice, it seems that the symbolism of events is very much transforming my sense of 'sacred' and 'profane'. As appearances arise, they seem to naturally take on or perhaps, reflect, characteristics of the Vajrayana symbolism of my sadhana and practice. So when the wind blows during my sadhana, I sense Dakinis gathering around. When the rain drops, deva's bless the practice. As events transpire, then levels of meaning and significance beyond the 'scientific' or 'materialist' unfold, and the world of appearances reveals richness and resonance.

It's a seemingly natural process ... not one where I'm forcing interpretations onto events, or trying to make things a certain way. I'm not consciously trying to imbue a sense of sacredness or significance onto things. It seems a bye-product of practicing a certain way, of having a certain view, and employing certain methods, which are broadly Vajrayana in origin.

May I see all beings as Buddhas,

May I hear all sounds as Mantras,

May I recognise all thoughts as Wisdom ..... I recite at the close of meditation, and allow to percolate through my mindstream. And a sense of that is reflected in my general experience, feeling something which is hard to put into words, but which relates to 'meaning', 'belonging' and 'home'.

Practice sometimes unfolds in surprising ways .... effortlessly, and without contrivance. For someone with such a philosophically materialist background, I've certainly gone on a surprising journey.

May the dakinis dance by all beings, and grant their blessings in the mindstreams of all who suffering from ignorance.