Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Hospital Dharma

Hi there, just a quick post (and unusually personal post) to say that I've been in hospital for a week due to a slipped disc. It's been a painful time, to say the least, but at least one which gave me much time for reflection.

It was very sad being in the hospital - there were a lot of very old people there in the ward with me, suffering greatly, many of whom were so lonely, and really disorientated, and really not with all their faculties. It was heartbreaking seeing them so.

All in all it was an extraordinary experience in the hospital - so much going on around me, and so much opportunity to meditate, pray, and reflect on life. I'm struck so powerfully over how my life is so very full of blessings, and I felt much gratitude and joy whlst in hospital. There truly appears to be so much suffering in the world. And yet one sees people trying to alleviate the sufferings that beings undergo.

So much seemed to happen whilst in the hospital, yet what truly happened?

Something of a Bardo, an opening, a blessed chance to assume a somewhat altered vantage point, and have the space free from obligations to bring much awareness to bear.

How vicious indeed are the illusory sufferings of samsara ..... may all beings immediately awaken from forgetfulness


Al said...

On the physical level - I wish you well and hope you are not in too much pain - On the dharma level - isn't it strange where we find the teachings - almost always "where the sharp points are"

Be well.....Al

Dave Marcus said...

Hospitals, pain, intimations of mortality are great thought-provoking things. We are placed in a situation where our normal environment and routine is stripped away, where we are vulnerable, where we have time to think...

Makes me think that hspitals are great places for teaching.

I hope your pain serves you well, and diminishes quickly when it has served its purpose.

Dondrup said...

My deepest empathy. I have had the same issue, and been thru 2 surgeries on the same disc in the same year - one which left me nearly paralyzed, and one to fix that first one. If it's of any use, two studies have come out that indicate there's no difference in outcome between surgical and non-surgical remedies (rehab, etc). I hope that's of some use in that information if there's a question of having surgery done. If I could go back with the knowledge I have now, I would certainly revise the decision I made then. Be well, and I send you wishes of improvement for your back and your pain, and will saw a few malas for you.

I can certainly relate to your post. How much we take movement for granted, utnil we can't move. I will say, it can be very hard to hold to impermanence when it seems the pain will never go away! LOL

Fortunately, it does pass, like waves in the ocean.


Meredith said...

Al speaks my sentiments, exactly. Wishing you well, my Friend, and thank you for these teachable moments.

"James" said...

I was in the hospital awhile back and I kind of came to the same conclusions. Being in a hospital certainly brings one's priorities straight. We are indeed very blessed and it is so wonderful to see the great service and work that is being done to relieve suffering. Be well.

tamingthemind said...

I hope you are feeling better.

Take Care.

Chodpa said...

many thanks to you all :-)

pain is my constant companion, and helping me with subtle and not so subtle promptings with my path!

best wishes to you all ....