Thursday, November 18, 2004

Renault Prayer Flags

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It's funny how mind works when it is filled with the fullness of vision of Vajrayana. Right out the window of my office where I work are some flags advertising a car showroom. The flags flutter madly in the winds, often against blue skies and racing clouds.

How similarly shaped are these flags to a certain type of Tibetan prayer flag! Aside from the more common ones threaded on strings, there is a style on long poles which are almost identical in style and proportion. Everytime I see these flags, I think of Tibet, think of the Dharma, and think of prayers flying out to all beings. From a distance I can't see what is written on them, and even if I could, it wouldn't stop the sense that these are indeed prayer flags, benefitting beings. It's not just that they seem like that to me ... but they *are* like that in actuality. What a strange and wondrous thing our sense of 'what is' is!

It struck me today that if there is 'Renault' written on the flags, then is the word 'Renault' flying out across the world blessing beings? :-)

Gone are the days when scientific materialism limited my view of what is and what could be .. limited to a cold, dry mechanical universe, so small in scope and being. When I see the beauty of the flags, and the beauty of the sky behind, my heart soars and my mind fills with bliss.

May the blessings of the Enlightened Ones sooth the hearts of all beings, bringing peace and laughter to our oft-troubled minds.


Meredith said...

Dear Chodpa,
It is amazing what you now see with eyes that are awakened!
Beautiful sky, blessings waving forth to all Beings.
Thank you -

Chodpa said...

In the Buddha's expression ... "beings who have but little dust in their eyes"

To just see a little of what truly is, and awaken from our dream ...

May all our eyes fully open ....

Meredith, take good care of yourself, and yours ...

Anonymous said...


I'm sure you know the story of the woman who became enlightened by praying to a dog's tooth. Her son had promised her a relic from his pilgrimmage. He forgot his promise until he was almost home and, discovering an old dog's tooth in the center of the road he took it home to her saying it belonged to the Buddha. She prayed fervently over it, and achieved enlightenment for her devotion.