Tuesday, October 26, 2004

How Blessed!

..... my two old boy, sitting on my lap, clasped to me with his little hug, whilst I gently chant and meditate. Moments before, he was mid-tantrum, screaming and kicking ... lost in his pain.

How beautiful to share those precious moments with him, 5 minutes together, with peace in our hearts.

.... how beautifully the meditation stilled his heart. How blessed we all are.


Al said...


Meredith said...

Dear Chodpa,
How blessed this little boy is, to have a mum who shares precious moments of tender quiet sacredness with him. He felt it, and as the meditation stilled his heart, peace unfolded. Beautiful.
We are all blessed,

Chodpa said...

How blessed indeed .... having a lineage, a teacher, and having had the good fortune to being able to follow his teachings. Words fail me!

... btw, I'm a 'daddy', rather than a 'mummy' :-)

Marjorie said...

stillness with a child is one of the greatest blessings I've ever experienced. How much of my life is like a 2 year-old's -- tantrums, unfulfilled desires, demands, and then contendness in the arms of one of loves me and cares for me more deeply than I can ever imagine. My warmest memories are of sharing sleep with my children -- the soft breathing, the tenderness of tiny bodies curled against mine.