Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Everything In Place

S'funny how from here, right now, it seems like everything is in place, is in exactly the right place!

The practice - Chod, the teachings - Mahamudra, the teacher - Shangpa Rinpoche, the lineage - Karma Kagyu. What more could I need?

Every circumstance that presents itself, whatever it is, I already have all that I need in relation to it. I don't need to seek anything else, I'm fully equipped.

Each moment that unfolds it's as if my teacher has given me something which is just what I need at that time, a special gift, the key to the door, and all I have to do is turn the key. I don't need to seek further instruction. I don't need further practices. I don't need to change my circumstances in life. Just how it is right now, with these tools, this View, this method ... it's all here.


Just how blessed can one man be!!!!!!

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