Friday, November 26, 2004

Just That

Yesterday in a place of worship 'belonging' to a different religion to my own, I noticed so many things about the nature of things, and the nature of those who wish to embrace and understand how things are. So many reflections came up, shedding light on my own practice and tradition, viewed as a result of engaging with a different tradition. And many reflections arose on that other tradition, viewed through the view and prism of my own approach.

So full were those reflections, and so meaningful. And yet, something greater still arose.

Underneath, inbetween, and all around those reflections was a deep stillness and contentment, which permeated my experience. There really was little need for words, nor indeed for thoughts. I sat perfectly at peace in this 'foreign' environment, watching people at prayer. No need to analyse, justify, compare or contrast. No need to convert, engage or debate.

A deep sense of things being the way they are. Peacefulness seems to be as it was, at that moment. Gratitude seems to be it's own way. Gratitude, Interest, Faith, Understanding .... all were as they were. Not belonging to this or that path, this or that method, or particular person.

Prior to words, prior to concepts, prior to divisions and allegiences.

Compassion is compassion. Connectedness is connectedness. Love is love. Gratitude is gratitude. Turning within is 'just that'. Coming home is 'just that'.

All just as they seem to be, and seemingly perfect just as they are. Just what they are, without spin, concept or explication.

Resting in what was, as it was, as it seemed to be. Seemingly arising, seemingly without core.

What is what? How are things? .... my words cannot say. Words were so far from 'what is' yesterday, and trying to convey this now still comes up short. Not short, but utterly not 'it'. Words are so far away from 'it' ... totally utterly not 'it' .... letting go of words ..... 'it' .... 'no-name' ... I don't know what to call it .... resting ... allowing to be .....

I cannot summarise or conclude ..... words fail


  1. Dear Chodpa,
    I resonate with this post, because your 'words' reflect something that I have been feeling for some time now, but haven't been able to describe. Sometimes I just have no words to speak with. In these times, I am resting in Being, noticing, accepting things just as they are - perfect and as they should be with not one thing left out. This feeling does come with a deep stillness in my center and deep contentment. Perhaps the central feeling that rises is, again, gratitude.

    I love this amazing life,

  2. How wonderful that you are out there ... and can understand what cannot be described :-)

  3. I keep wishing we could just all get in one room and meditate together. No words needed.
    In the meantime, I am so thankful for your wisdom thoughts translated into beautiful words.