Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Chod Aspiration Prayer

Machig Labdron
Similar to the sun as it rises in the sky,
may this sacred Chod practice that cuts demons
Flourish in all directions and at all times.

Drogon Karma Chagmed

These words, which come towards the end of my Chod practice, always resonate deeply, seeming to come from deep within, and seeming to connect with something vast, which resonates beyond time and space. Useless words, trying to describe the indescribable!

I sometimes wonder how many people practice Chod in England.

And yet, when I practice, such questions seem meaningless, as meaningless as places, separate beings, time, and all other illusory appearances that fleetingly display.

How beautiful this Chod practice, which cuts through the demons of self-hood.

How fortunate this being, who has received these precious instructions.

May illusory beings seemingly without number realise the state of Mahamudra, and dwell in the great Bliss.

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adamas said...

One of my finest chod visions was boiling myself in my own vomit and then carving the bones that were left into keys to open doors to the valley of my psyche. Hence the saying," only once you have boiled yourself in your own vomit for a hundred years will you actually have something interesting to say to yourself." Adamas

Slightly off topic but just like to share some of my more radically personal chod visions with a fellow chodpa

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Sarva Mangalam