Friday, June 30, 2006

Devotion to Prajnaparamita

I was reflecting this morning on how much devotion images of the deity Prajnaparamita bring forth from me.

Given that she is the deity who represents Wisdom, rather than Love, Compassion, Patience and so on .... how interesting that she inspires so much devotion in me.

Pretty much every image I've ever seen of her makes we want to rest the image on the top of my head, and offer gratitude to her. Maybe the fact that there are so few images and statues of her historically, compared to other deities, is something to do with this .. how wonderful it actually is to come across one :-)

Then again, I reflect that karma and connections seems such a strong factor here ... I can see images of Green Tara, say, and though I have a connection there, and even *wish* that I felt more towards her, I don't have anything of the same feeling. It's as if Prajnaparamita is 'plumbed into me' .. and goes right to my core. Like I recognise that she's part of me, no, inseparable from my mind.

Then again, Prajanaparamita is the textual basis of my practice, of Chod, so there's a close connection there, but this feel for her predated my contact with Chod by many years. Of course, that karmic connection was already there, awaiting awakening.

Once again, my orientation is always towards Wisdom, rather than other Enlightened qualities, so it would make sense that Prajnaparamita as a deity would appeal. Yet, there's more to it than that ... as it is fervent devotion and homage that is brought forth ... not intellectual appreciation, or anything more 'cold' or 'dispassionate'.

The more she represents Wisdom, the more she calls forth Devotion from me, it seems.

It reminds me of how in Guru Devotion, one is devoted to the Dharma through the Guru, not really the Guru himself, in his relative conditioned aspect. All this devotion to the Guru, which flows forth from the heart, is, in one sense, channeled towards wisdom, or reality itself .... or realities, perhaps I should say? In the face of what is, one feels Devotion ... why? Because there is a recognition and a yearning ... the recognition of a seed within, yet to come to fruition ... and the yearning for coming home, once that home has been recognised.

Her images seem so close to my innermost heart .. like she is the secret who resides within, who is my ultimate aspect, who is the mirror of both my aspirations and my actual nature.

Blessed Prajnaparamita .... goddess of Wisdom .... I supplicate you with my innermost Heart!


Barry said...

(My favourite image of the Great Wisdom Mother)

Awaken within me, Transcendent Mother
Everything, everything; absolutely everything
Is just your play.

Awaken within me, Immanent Mother
So deep, so dark, so brilliant your radiance
That I must have never been.

Awaken within me, Oh you Golden Ground!
Everything, everything; absolutely everything
That I am, I offer to you.

Barry, May 2006.

mechie said...

she is quite beautiful isn't she? i wonder... do we ever really, really know {or comprehend} the deepest levels of karma & connections? certainly it is there with Prajnaparamita but will you ever really know why or where it came from? the beauty is... you are aligned with spirit & only have to recognize & honor it... no doubt a connection this strong runs deeper than our intellect can swim... peace to you.


Chodpa said...

Hi Barry, thanks so much for the beautiful poem and supplication.

I did take a look at the URL you posted, but unfortunately the image seems to have gone. Do you have a copy?

take care, and best wishes in the Dharma,


Chodpa said...

Hi Mechie,

yeah, it sure runs deeper than intellect. Nothing I have intellectually either makes sense of it, or can compare with how much a part of me seems to be 'plugged in' or 'plumbed in' to Prajnaparamita.

It really all does seem expressionless, unable to be expressed.

But pure joy!

K.D. said...

Have you explored Lama Tsultrim Allione's teachings? Her Prajna Paramita practice is amazing and filled with light. She is also an emanation of Machig Labdron and is bringing many of the secret teachings of ML's Chod lineage to light.