Saturday, February 25, 2006

Shamatha With and Without Objects

> said...

>Your instruction is very nice (refers
>to previous post ) but
>since I am new to meditation I have
>to focus on something, such as my
>breath or my just below my
>bellybutton. Because if I don't do
>that, my wandering thought is
>uncontrollable. Is this wrong?

Hi there, my apologies for my late replies to these comments - many things have been taking my time and attention of late!

Yes, absolutely - if you are at a stage where having an object of concentration helps you, then focus on it!

Isn't it always the case that what is best is relative to where one is at? Some people find shamatha with an object the best approach for a long time, others find shamatha without an object the best. I suspect that most people find shamatha without an object to the the harder of the two, as it's in a sense the opposite to what we do most of the time in life - which is to draw into and identify with one or other object which arises in our mindstreams. We are so used to 'losing ourselves' in the objects that arise in consciousness that it's perhaps easiest to focus on an object in meditation, rather than on 'no object'. But of course, with practice, either becomes possible.

My previous post referred to my own particular situation - for where I'm at now.

Please do carry on with what works best for you ... and very best wishes to you!


Zen Unbound said...


You're back! Just a quick note to let you know that you and Luminous Emptiness are on the announcement list of nominees for a Blogisattva:

Irving Karchmar said...

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Peace and Blessings,


Meredith said...

Hi Dear Chodpa,

I have missed you my friend. It is so good to read you once more.

With freshness,

Chodpa said...

Hi there, many thanks for the welcome back! And thanks too for the kind nomination :-) ... it's a lovely list of links to blogs, which I'll enjoy following up ....

take care, and best wishes in the Dharma.

>Zen Unbound said...


>You're back! Just a quick note to let >you know that you and Luminous >Emptiness are on the announcement >list of nominees for a Blogisattva:

Chodpa said...

Hi Meredith .... many thanks for your kind welcome back ... it's lovely to hear you 'voice' once again :-)

very best wishes to you ...

>Meredith said...

>Hi Dear Chodpa,

>I have missed you my friend. It is so >good to read you once more.

>With freshness,