Friday, August 12, 2005




Meredith said...

Dear Chodpa,
I just stopped by to say Hi. I smiled when I saw this blank silent space. I totally understand this. Pardon this chattering in your silence - I hope you will forgive my noise. But I was having this feeling that sometimes silence is so rich, I wish I could share its essence the way I feel it. Just today, my spiritual Friend Akilesh wrote this:

"The rich mental, emotional and sensate landscape of being human can cloud our vision or lead us to into Silence. This silence is rich and full, soundful and soulful. It is such a rejoicing, blissful silence. It is such a vibrant stillness we blossom into. are immediately in the presence which has never left you - the presence of awake awareness, naked being - which is always by your side, abiding, patiently, lovingly waiting in silence and stillness. This pure consciousness is before thought has disturbed anything, it is naked presence. Remembering this, your true nature, you are naturally filled with bliss, a non dualistic happiness, an unconditioned joy. And with this re-membering you embody the essence of love; it flows from every pore..."

This is the way I feel it. Is this also true for you, dear Chodpa?

sunnaloka said...

HI Chodpa,

Just stumbled across your blog. Very good words (and silence). Stop by sometime and give me a glance.