Thursday, May 26, 2005

Reflections on Phukong Tulku Rinpoche - My only thought is of my Lama

My only thought is of my Lama.
My only prayer is to realize
Oneness with his Buddha mind.
I have no other practice
Than following the natural flow, freely enjoying
The sublime freedom of nonaction.
Meditation beyond fixation,
Aimless and free from all constrictions and limitations,
Mingling my mind with his
In the wisdom of Dharmakaya, naked reality.
All the intentions of the Buddhas are perfectly fulfilled.
This is the jeweled essence of my heart's pith instructions
Placed directly in your hand,
Like Buddha in the palm of your hand.

- Phukong Tulku Rinpoche

How extraordinary the difference has been for me, moving to Vajrayana practice. In a sense the Guru Yoga and Deity Yoga has totally transformed meditation for me. You could say that I'm doing same old Shamatha meditation, for example, but now with the context of Guru and Deity presence. Meditation, utterly suffused with devotion. Mediation embedded in prayer.

How different it's been invoking the blessings of the gurus and deities to every meditation and activity. Still me in a sense doing the work, yet with that 'something' extra - the field of blessings - suffusing the mindstream.

How wonderful to be graced with this precious blessing. How wonderful to have the great good fortune to have stumbled across these teachings and teachers! What great good fortune that so many things have come together in this life, so that obstacles are revealed as opportunities, and all that was called 'bad' is now a play of mind.

May all beings have the same great good fortune, and find the way out of this web of illusory suffering!


Trev Diesel said...

What a blessing, indeed.

May the devotion in your meditation expand your heart until you look upon the Universe as a mother looks upon her child.


Chodpa said...

Hi Trev, many thanks for your kind comment and prayer ....

btw, what is 'blended prayer'?

take care, and best wishes to you ....

Trev Diesel said...

Blended prayer? What do you mean?

Chodpa said...

Hi again, I think it might have said 'blended service' on your website, not 'blended prayer'?

Your Blogger profile seems to go to a different site today than yesterday! .... so I can't confirm that ... I was just intrigued as to what a 'blended service' was ....

best wishes to you .....

Trev Diesel said...

Oh, you must be referring to my church's website. We have one service that is a BLEND of traditional and modern styles of worship.

Mark Walter said...

I find that if I am in a truly devoted prayerful state, that if I concentrate on my Sensei's face or eyes, amazing things can happen.


Sujatin said...

This is beautiful, and so inspiring. My relationship with my teacher has been such a dharma gate for me. In our evening service, when we chant
'Devotion to my teacher
Ends my smugness and dejection
held by his compassion
I will find a straight direction'
I always melt