Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Tomorrow is my father's funeral. He died just over two weeks ago.

I have nothing remotely profound to say on the subject. Time has flowed on ... and thoughts and feelings have come and gone. Things have been arranged, and challenges taken up.

So much seems to have happened, such an extraordinary mixture of rich experiences.

I reflect that when my mother died some 20 years ago, before I had the benefit of Dharma, I was utterly devastated, and it dominated the following years.

My father's death comes at a time when I have some support and perspective in Dharma ... what an extraordinary blessing that is. I am surely amidst waves, currents and ocean, and yet I can still see what is wave, what is current and what is ocean.

There is a continuity ... my dad is present now, profoundly so ..... I miss seeing him physically, but his presence is strong nevertheless.

An amazing man .... how blessed I have been to have him as a father ....

How can we ever repay the blessings we have been given?

May all beings experience a Precious Human Life, and realise its fulfillment, in complete and perfect Enlightenment.


Al said...

...I am so, so sorry - be well during this challenging time...Al

tamingthemind said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Meredith said...

Dear Chodpa,
My heart is so open for you. I feel a kinship with you, now, in this odd space we share. We share a significant human experience - the loss of our father ~ for my beloved father died January 29th this year.

I am flowing with your comments here - this loss is the culmination of an extraordinary mixture of rich experiences. I fully comprehend the waves and currents... going along fine through the day, and then one glance at his beautiful photo or a particular memory washes over and I well with a current of tears, a sadness for missing him. Yet I rest in the peace of knowing it is simply the nature of things. Therein is the Ocean.

There is a fundamental change in his presence - he is now fully and profoundly present in a way he was not before. Chodpa, I know so well the blessings of having had an amazing, kind, and loving father. We, you and I, have been and continue to be richly blessed.

I am holding you in the Light today; a quiet, peaceful, luminous light.

Your friend, M

"James" said...

May your peace at this time continue and may the memory of your father motivate you further in your journey on the path. May your father be free from suffering.

Kristian said...

I'm very sorry for your loss, and truly inspired by how you deal with it.

Chodpa said...

Hi there, I just wanted to express my profound gratitude for all the comments left here, and your good wishes. One of the great beauties of the Dharma is indeed Sangha - the fellowship of those who also tread the way.

thank you my friends, and may your paths be clear and straight

Chodpa said...

Meredith, I just wanted to add a specific response to your post ....

I didn't realise your father had died - it seemed intrusive to keep asking how he was, and I didn't realise he had died.

It was a great gift to read your beautiful words about your father and his presence .... thank you so much for sharing them ....

take care :-)

Zenchick said...


Meredith said...

Thank you, Chodpa.
Namaste', my beautiful friend.