Monday, December 20, 2004

A Vantage Point

One of the nice things about being ill is that the circumstances of your life are rather different from 'normal', and as a result, it gives you a different vantage point from which to view how things are.

Instead of the usual routine, you are forced into a different one, one which may well disrupt your preferences, or choices. And with that change, comes the precious opportunity to see afresh. How wonderful indeed to be shaken by illness, and given the chance to see life from the side, instead of head on!


tamingthemind said...

Your obstacles are teachers. It is difficult to understand this when you are in the midst of feeling uncomfortable or pain because of illness. It nice to hear that this is possible.

Healing thoughts to you,

Trev Diesel said...

What an inspiring post. My past has been full of times of self-pity and wallowing when I was "under the weather." I have just recently begun to experiment with using illness as a "precious opportunity to see afresh." Thanks for your example. Namaste-


Chodpa said...

Hi there ... I'm very glad to read your comments, and wish both of you well with your paths ... hoping that all situations are fully workable for you both, and you can bring all situations to the path!