Thursday, October 21, 2004

Quote - Four Themed Precious Garland

The supreme peerless vehicle of the secret Dzogchen, the Great Completeness, functions to bring you directly into the Sphere of that which is spontaneously there. This sphere, which is the foundation, is unchanging.... It need not be sought for because it is spontaneously present from time immemorial. No trying or effort is required. This path is naturally obvious. The mandala sphere of clear light is unconditioned. It is the innate Dharmakaya, the all pervasive intentionality of the Buddhas. To realize it is the supreme view of reality.

from the ‘Four Themed Precious Garland’

Just wanted to post this beautiful Dzogchen evocation of the Ground, Path and Fruition.

Peerless inspiration ... how extraordinary that the Realised Ones could leave words which point to the wordless, signs which point to that which could not be pointed to!

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bp_vns said...

i am writing this post, yet, i am not wrting this post...
i am just sending love...
these words r not the love.
tc and may 'u' be lost.
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