Friday, October 08, 2004

Graceful Presence

After reading Meridith's gracious comments on my blog, I 'discovered' hers ....
Today, with my friend's words in my heart, I felt very calm, and centered. My interactions seem to bloom from a spiritual center today – full of warm and radiant light. I opened my heart with each person I came into contact with. I listened more intently, and spoke openly with less restraint. When I am able to listen and speak from this space, there is a mystical quality in the interaction. Today, I risked more, opening my heart more intentionally, and noticed subtle rewarding differences. The energy with others was gentler today. Eyes sparkled. Faces relaxed. Conversations became more real, honest, and hopeful.
Graceful Presence

Eh Ma Ho!

Beautiful expression of the opening of the heart ...... what more is there to say!


Anonymous said...

Koni said "Hello. I just read your comment on my "lets get stoopid" entry. Yes, that did actually happen and believe me, there are so many funny/strange events that occur daily, it balances out the stresses of our job.
What do you mean by swap?
Thanks for commenting. Oh, and I'm interested in the Online Dharma Study Group - can anyone join?"

Chodpa said...

Hi, I've replied to your reply over at your site!!!

Can anyone join the study group - well, I'm still seeing what the level of interest is at present, but it seems really good, so I'd say that there's a very good chance the group will go ahead.

In terms of involvement, anyone who has a sincere interest in learning from the study is welcome. Anyone is welcome to add their perspective, whatever their tradition, though the focus will be on understanding the teachings from a Kagyu perspective, which was the perspective of Gampopa, who wrote the text.

Once I've seen what the response is, I'll post again about the next steps ....

thanks for your interest

Anonymous said...

Koni said "work at a non-profit, multifaith organization which provides different communities, advocates, religious communities with training, consultation and educational materials to address the faith aspects of abuse - clergy abuse, child, sexual, domestic, etc.
Weeeeeeeeee.. right? haha.. well, as you may be able to tell my my little story, the people I work with, help to balance the energy of that job.

As for the pill, a bottle appeared in my medicine cabinet one day with the outside marked "little, yellow, different". I thought "hey! thats me!" and took one of the strangely NOT yellow pills inside. I'm gonna kill that white rabbit... "