Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Dakinis of Co-Incidence

The more you practice, the more it happens.

Things in the 'outside' world start reflecting your inner world. Auspicious Co-Incidence. Dependent Origination.

Sitting meditating yesterday, eyes half open, facing out the window. In my meditation, Dakinis swirling like a snow storm, a whirlwind of Enlightened energy. Right then, at that point, outside the window, a sudden whirl of wind, whipping the autumn leaves and rubbish round in circles, picking them up in swirls of energy.

Blessings flood my mind, of connections, support, refuge, pure beings who watch and guide, who lend their delicate helpfulness wherever beings are open and receptive to their compassion and insight.

How often the 'inner' and 'outer' mirror each other. Things pop up outside, right after remembering them. The weather suddenly matches the mind. People, things, places, all seemingly arranged to match your inner thoughts, your inner occurances.

The how and why, I've no idea. It just keeps on happening, in happy symmetry. Synchronicity. Buddha Heart.

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