Monday, August 23, 2004

The Wake Up Bell

How wonderful that my wife 'woke me up' this morning with the bell of rememberance!

Having got little sleep this last few night with my sick toddler, I slipped into an old pattern of 'wrong speech' when overtired. How often it seems to be that when I've not slept, I revert to more automatic patterns of speech, which seem driven by the winds of karma. That space of awareness seems missing, the one which allows clear choices of action, rather than automatic responses which are more likely unskilful.

When she heard my comment on something on TV, my wife gently 'woke me up' with kind words reminding me of my commitments.

How wonderful indeed to have a companion on the path, someone who can bring back rememberance when it escapes you. How wonderful that whatever you do, all is not lost, and you are not dammed eternally, and lost forever. How wonderful that whereever you are, you can always recommit, always try again, always rededicate to the path that leads all beings 'beyond'.

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