Thursday, August 19, 2004

Right Where You Are ....

Seems like we often feel that we need to get into certain circumstances in order for our 'practice' to blossom. That we need to change the conditions in our lives to somehow support our practice. That we would be able to somehow do it 'better' if things were other than how they are now.

But, mind is right here, right now, regardless of what the circumstances are in my life. Mind. Different contents, different experiences, but mind is always right here. So the opportunity to just look, to just see the nature of the mind is always right here, right now, however the conditions are in my life.

So why do I want to change them? Mind doesn't go away, and only pop up under favourable conditions! Mind doesn't become more or less present with the changing of experiences. Mind is always present, and all I have to do is look at it, look deeply into it, and see how it is.

It's the same 'job', however things are. Just look, and see how mind is. See its nature. Just keep coming back to looking at its nature, and neither getting caught up and lost in the stories that pass through mind, nor wishing that the story was somehow different.

All that we experience is within and of mind. We know nothing of anything else. May we recognise the true nature of mind this very moment. May we never get lost in longing, in wishing for things to be other than how they are. May we see clearly and deeply .... and truly.

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