Tuesday, August 17, 2004


How is it that we always think that Peace is to be found by somehow arranging things in a certain way, if we could get things like this or that, that is certain things could be put into place, then we'd be at peace?

We so often get caught up in thinking that in order to be peaceful, we need to change something. Change the noise, change our mental states, change our partner, change our life. Or even, change other people.

When all we have to do is ....

Let Go

Let go, and accept how things are. Be at peace with how things are. Totally, fully, accept the nature of things, in that moment, just as they are.

Then, should we wish, from a heart of peace, we can act with wisdom and compassion, without attachment or aversion, to move things along to help sentient beings.

Let Go ..... and Trust.

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