Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Classics - The Kiss of Death

Was thinking this morning of a number of classic scenarios which keep on popping up in the spiritual life. They seem to be not just classic aspects of my path, but of other people's too ... so thought I'd share them.

The Kiss of Death!

You get a few days where everything seems to be 'coming together'. Meditation is getting stronger and clearer. Positivity welling up. Beauty seems everywhere. A calmness descends, an equanimity which feels like it is unbreakable and will last forever.

Nothing seems to trouble you ... life seems so *easy* ... just ride the waves, the surfer, at one with the Tao ....

then .....

it happens!

The Kiss of Death!

you think the thought ... the thought that is the Kiss of Death.

What is that thought ..... ?

It's .....

"I've got it!"

"I've finally got it .... got the knack ..... seen through it ..... can see how it's done ..... I got the riddle of life sorted ... and never again will go back to confused, angry, inpatient, unclear, stressed, doubtful, or just plain *suffering!*

And that's what does it!!!!

Doesn't matter whether the thought was fully formed or not, or how strong your sense of having 'finally got it' was .... the very act of having some sort of 'now I've got it' .... is the ultimate Kiss of Death .... coz right after that thought .....

It all falls apart :-) And suffering follows most surely in its wake.

Cause and Effect .... Hubris ... and the fall .....

so, like Dory in Finding Nemo ..... "Just Keep Swimming" .... and don't attempt to grasp onto anything that arises on the path as a ground, as security, as something to rest on or leverage .... don't grasp onto good/bad, or results .....

"Just Keep Swimming"

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