Saturday, July 31, 2004

Wicked People and Buddhist View - 2

Hi, since my reply to you I've thought of something else that might be useful to add.

A lot of people seem to experience things as getting more difficult once they start out on the spiritual path. It seems as though they are more surrounded my difficult people, that their mental states are getting worse, and that they experience more obstacles in life.

Oftentimes, the reason why that appears to be that way is because once we enter the path, we become more aware. We cultivate awareness and sensitivity to our own mental states, and to our relationships with other people and the world. And in doing so, we become more aware of the suffering nature of things. Things are not as we wish them to be .... and in experiencing things more clearly, we can often suffer more.

However, as we develop more compassion and develop our view, and our realisations, that increase in suffering will lesson ....

so again, hang in there, keep on doing the right thing, and things will resolve in a positive direction :-)

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