Sunday, July 11, 2004

Mantras, Relative and Ultimate Truth - 3

Ah! one more reflection regarding visualisations and mantras *operating* at a relative level ... something which I think if very important from a point of view of practice ...

In my limited understanding, both visualizations and mantras do operate on relative level.

When you say 'they operate' it sounds like 'they' are doing the 'operating' at a certain level, in this case the relative. But, when we use visualisation and mantra in creation stage practice, from the perspective of the person doing the practice, and for a moment think in terms of us operating in the practice - then within our awareness and during our practice, we are able to develop both an inferential understanding (conceptual) and a direct intuitive understanding or both the relative and ultimate existence of all that arise during our practice. In other words, as we visualise and recite mantras, we are aware of their relative existence - their appearance to the mind, and aware of their ultimate existence - their lack of inherent existence. Depending on your focus and intent, either relative or ultimate can be brought to the fore during creation stage practice, in terms of awareness. But, creation stage practice has a particular focus on working with the luminous aspect of mind, and therefore its relative existence ....

Hope this proves a fruitful reflection?

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