Saturday, July 31, 2004

Exorcism, Black Magic, Voodoo and Buddhism - 4

In response to the statement that 'Yes, of course i exist. I am made up of molecules. And blood flows through my veins.'

When you say 'of course' .. why is that? ... What do the teachings say about this? What do the dharma teachings say about whether you exist, and in what way? Whether the early Hinayana teachings, Mahayana, or Vajrayana, they all seem to point in the same direction with this. It seems to me that understanding this, and realising for oneself is the key to resolving the difficulties you experience with spirits, and indeed all other difficulties too :-) I wonder if you can see where I am leading?

Perhaps using Feng Shui or other methods to clean the room of evil spirits would be the best method?

Thank you for sharing your reflections on this. Perhaps I could add another approach?

Sometimes one can look at peace as being the absence of that which we don't like, or find attractive, or acceptable. And so we try to attain peace by changing the conditions in our lives so that we are surrounded by more conducive and attractive things and conditions and experiences. And then we hope to be more at peace. But much of the Buddha's teachings are directed at finding peace in another way.

They point at opening and accepting how things are, and not trying to change things in order to make things a certain way, in order to be happy. So if we can truly open to things, however they are, whether they are things we like or dislike, find pleasant or unpleasant, then we can be at peace with them. And at peace with ourselves, so to speak. So, however the world is, at any time, we are at peace, as we have stopped trying to change the world (or ourselves) in order to find peace and happiness, and we've arrived at the peace that was right under our nose. We have just let go of the struggle with life, trying to make it a certain way, and opened out into what always has been. Letting go itself can be the door to peace, a peace that is not dependent on conditions being a certain way. People or other beings can be however they wish to be, and we can still be at peace.

I hope these reflections may be in some way helpful to you ....

best wishes to you

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